Founded in 2013, kiss* digital media is fully home grown, self-funded company incorporated in Melbourne, Australia.

 1stbase is a wholly owned subsidiary incorporated in Delaware, United States.

kiss* Digital Media (*keep it simple stupid) Pty. Ltd. principal founders are Ivo Jager and Renée Fulton.

Ivo and Renée are a couple from Melbourne, Australia with a passion for technology, design and SMEs.

 Together they bring multiple decades of experience to kiss* digital media, and an intricate knowledge of what makes people, platforms and media tick.

[url=http://kissdigitalmedia.com/about/team/renee-fulton][size=150]Renee Fulton[/size][/url]


Renée        has over   ten years experience as a designer, developer and small         business  owner.

Focusing on making things as functional as they         are  beautiful, Renée has serviced many clients from SMEs to big          enterprises, across a wide range of different platforms, services and  media.

After graduating from the [url=http://www.unisa.edu.au/]University of South Australia[/url]   with a Bachelor in Visual Communication (Graphic Design),      Renée   soon after moved overseas where she            put her degree into   practice as a freelancer for a variety            of clients in a number   of different countries, building a    solid background as a graphic                  designer.

As web (and later smart   phone) technology came to the fore, she        increasingly found   herself working in digital media - an area        few designers would   venture in at the time. Doing so, Renée has developed a          pioneering understanding of how to mesh complex content          requirements with a unique look and feel and UX (User        Experience)   design.

Throughout her career,   Renée has always had a soft spot for        SMEs and 'the little guy',   convinced that quality design and effective marketing should        be  accessible to all. 
[url=http://kissdigitalmedia.com/about/team/ivo-jager][size=150]Ivo Jager[/size][/url]


 Coding since age 8 for  a wide range of different technology platforms, Ivo is named as  inventor on 12 international        technology patents.

Now held by  [url=http://www.hp.com/]Hewlett-Packard[/url],  Amplifier         Corp. and kiss* digital media Pty. Ltd., the patents range from such diverse areas as Content Management         Systems to  Artificial Intelligence, from User Interfaces to         Networking. 

 Ivo won his first award  from the            Dutch Institute for  Industry and Technology at age  10 for            creating a program for  MSX home computers that used  computer            graphics to explore  optical illusions. This early             fascination for human  perception, communication and visual             engagement has stayed  with him over the course of his             academic and professional  careers. This ultimately culminated in the             founding of kiss*  digital media, which now leverages his             many years worth of  personal intellectual property and             know-how in the field of  digital media and content creation. 

Ivo is founder of         mobile consultancy company [url=siliconfields.net]SiliconFields[/url], co-founder of mobile         consultancy company MobileWizardry, and creator of the acclaimed         astrophotography image processing suite [url=http://startools.org/drupal/]StarTools[/url].

 He holds an MSc degree in Communication Science from the  [url=http://www.uva.nl/en/home]University of Amsterdam[/url],  which  has served as an academic        framework throughout Ivo's  efforts to  understand and implement a        multi-platform approach to  content  distribution and consumption.